Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Kyle Cooper

Kyle Cooper has directed over 150 movies and he has been credited for "almost single-handedly revitalizing the main-title sequence as an art form". He is the founder of two internationally recognized film design companies, Imagery Forces and Prologue films. He even created the Marvel Flip book logo panel that was first shown on the film Spider man and he even did the titles for the film as well.

Saul Bass

This is one of Saul Bass's movie. Saul Bass created many things in his life time from the year 1954 when he created his first title sequence for Otto Preminger's Carmen Jones. He also got the chance the next year to create titles for Rober Aldrich's The big knife and Billy Wilder's The seven year itch. In the year 1974 he directs his first feature film Phase IV.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I chose the scooby doo 2 trailer for this because it is good how it merges two different things together as it has real things in it and animated characters aswell.

I chose the simpsons movie trailer because it is a good cartoon animation as it the most used and improved type of animation. It is also funny and makes people excited so they would want to watch the film.

This is a commercial for wallace and grommit. I chose this because i thought it was a good clay animation as it is so realistic even though it is clay and the characters look normal size but they are actually no taller than 10cm.
It also like the fact that they add everyday things in that make it look more real like lights and cars.

First post

This was a picture i created from 4 different images i got from google. I edited them all in photo shop and put them together.