Wednesday, 14 April 2010

my title sequence 1

This is the beginning of me creating my title sequence.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Storyboard research

What i have realised while researching storyboards is that they are mainly based on quick sketches of pictures for different scenes and some are annotated with what is meant to happen and what is going to be said and others mainly just use pictures.


I like these type of storyboards as they mainly look like comics but they have too much pictures in them.

Indiana Jones original storyboard.

This is a good storyboard as it is easy to understand and read.

the simpsons original episode storyboard

I like this story board because it isn't complicated as it doesn't have too much or too little drawings and information so theres only pictures for the scenes when they change movement or view.

Bewitched title sequence

This title sequence is old but is quite good as it is easy to watch with out too many effects and is quick so it doesnt get boring and the music is different as well.

Doctor who title sequence old and newer versions.

These title sequences are good because of the eye catching effects. The newer version is stronger as it has better colour and effects than the older version and the music is better as well as the newer version of the logo as it is more unique.

Star wars title sequence

This title sequence is boring as it is mainly text and it is too slow and long. It is good as it is different to others so when people see it they know what it is from.

Casino Royale title sequence

This title sequence has gotten a bit boring as it is mainly the same in all of the current films. It gets a bit better as it plays as there are a few new things added in to it.

Catch me if you can title sequence.

This title sequence style was used quite a bit in the past. It is good how the music adds suspense to the sequence and how the animation tells a story.

Pink Panther title sequence

This sequence I think is quite good as it is unique. The music added in it works as it is based on the film and the show. I like the way then animation is based on the things in the film.